Comparison of Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus - It is likely that the price of the Apple iPhone 7 in Bandrol is so affordable, Area 1 or 2 million million because the trigger is still entrusted kitchen quad-core processor from Mediatek is calculated less powerful than Octa Core processor. Ability ramnya also only 2GB and there is only 16GB of internal memory. Fortunately, this smartphone is equipped nougat operating system Android, which runs 5. 5 inches on the monitor, so naturally that later the price for Apple iPhone 7 in bandrol more than 2 million.

Not only that Sony also gives him the ultimate 13-megapixel camera and front camera 5 megapixel hobby consumers take pictures selfie to indulge. Now is the description of the specification and the price of Apple iPhone 7. Let both look forward to this smartphone marketed in Indonesia. Apple iPhone 7 comes with large internal memory in the same operational purposes according to another phablet. For this sort of thing Apple iPhone 7 equip this with 16 GB capacity internal memory or ROM.

That certainly would change the capabilities in each operation. The room is an area that would be able to store all kinds of files, file system from the beginning until the application files. Same thing with the other series, Apple iPhone 7 Plus also has external memory slot which acts to increase the memory capacity that is a microSD slot. Specifications Apple iPhone 7 Plus would be able to save the microSD card with capacities up to 200 GB.

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