Features Smartphone Vivo Plus V5

Features Smartphone Vivo Plus V5 - It comes with Image Stabilisation Plus (IS +) which is basically another form of digital image stabilization. The picture quality, as seen in the image above is a hit and miss affair. While daylight shots were superb, the same can not be said low-light photography or images taken at night. You find a lot of chroma noise in dark situations. HDR mode is good and do not add color tone peculiar to the sky as we have seen with the LG G3 Beat.

Camera settings menu gives you many options to play Vivo V5 Plus around with and you can even shoot in raw mode if you want to get a picture lossless to tweak later. Additionally, you can also add more buttons such as search, navigation, and so on along side the usual three soft buttons (back, home and recent). In the test video performance, we liked the output, but this is not a phone to shoot video while walking. The lack of image stabilization makes shaky video due to anxiety or respiratory movements.

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