The Smartphone Features A New Luna Price

The Smartphone Features A New Luna Price - This Smartphone offers premium designs as its main advantages and marketed to middle and upper segments, so buddy do not be surprised if the price of the Hp Android Luna dibanderol exceeding 5 million dollars. Well, the price is very expensive, so only certain people can buy it. As we know, Foxconn is a partner of Apple in assembling his smartphone.

Consequently, the quality of this smartphone can be synchronised with the iPhone which dibanderol notabennya more expensive than the price Luna smartphone. Unfortunately it has a smartphone hardware specification that belonged to lagging and feels quite jadul than smartphone released in 2016. Foxconn-made Smartphone called the Luna features premium design and specially designed by a notabennya Foxconn Assembly partners is Apple in making the iPhone.

Consequently, the Hp Luna have a quality that can be synchronised with the iPhone, both in terms of design or build quality smartphone. Well, Luna design smartphone looks and feels like full metal body bandaged up iPhone or iPhone Plus 6s 7 Plus. Each side made perfectly and Smartphones has weights weighing 186 grams.

HP Android Luna bandaged body metal that have passed 8 CNC processing, resulting in the design premium which has a very high level of precision. Every aspect in this smartphone designed specifically and the front has been installed-size 5.5-inch screen has a resolution of Full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels. The screen has a pixel density of 401 ppi and protected layers of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which makes it able to withstand scratches or clash when accidentally fall.

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