Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy Recent S8

Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy Recent S8 - LTE 4G network access cat16 Not only that this phone also offer an internet connection which is so attractive to assist up will be an attraction for yourself in the eyes of the customers who are hopping the internet hobby. Less is more advanced features, what else Samsung's premium smartphone brought? Get the answer is the explanation of the description and price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 from below.

Author of this segment will check companion all the outside of the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Look when draft smartphone-added bonus compared to its class partners miracles. Not only the design is visible premium, winding the metal body, which is divided into color black, orchid gray, arctic silver, coral blue and gold maple Samsung Galaxy S8 it also appear to be premium. Looks out when the phone takes the design of the dual-curved edges and a bezel is not thick at the top and bottom.

The loss of the home button portion of his face in a way to make automatic fingerprint scanner sensor placed on the back with the most large camera Samsung Galaxy S8. Rather - rather the home button, rather than companion will find a scanner area face cut off the eyes of the user scan. The body is hard enough to swim to be taken since the certificate of IP68 is obtained which makes it resistant to dust and immersion in water at a depth of 1.5 mtr. During the 30 minutes.

As dimensions, the Samsung Galaxy S8 148. 9 mm in length, width 68 1 mm, a width of 8 mm and its weight is 155 g medium. The smartphone can measure the super AMOLED tech monitors 5. 8-inch phablet wear it into the group to be included. Monitor is also capable of producing a quad-HD resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels with a density of 570 ppi on the visual appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not only optimal, but also so attractive.

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