Smartphone Android Oppo F3 Plus Full Review

Smartphone Android Oppo F3 Plus Full Review - More and more Android smartphones that adopt dual camera technology. Not wanting to lose than rivals, Oppo also release a smartphone with the same technology. However, this new smartphone has two cameras on the front, thus offering a better experience selfie pictures taken with the picture quality is clear, sharp, and have a wider viewing angle photo. Armed with a camera owned by them, we can get a photo with bokeh effect more remarkable.

Do not expect the price of Oppo F3 Plus is priced cheap. This smartphone is ready to attract middle and upper class consumers who are looking for an Android smartphone with the best front camera. Not only that, the smartphone is also equipped with a powerful spur kitchen that combines the latest generation chipset capabilities and large capacity Ram. As a result of all the needs of mobile users can run smoothly, without experiencing lag problems. On the other hand, is also a super large screen which offset the battery capacity of the monsters.

Oppo screen F3 Plus Expandable measuring 6 inches and is protected artificial Corning scratch glass layer. Everything blends perfectly in wrapped metal body that looks very thin. The design also looks elegant and luxurious seemed impressed. Unfortunately, this smartphone is not equipped with water and dust resistant capabilities previously owned toughest rivals Oppo F3 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy A7, 2017. However, this smartphone offers features no less sophisticated and a swathe of not less premium design.

Oppo price expensive F3 Plus makes it has a variety of advanced features that are ready to pamper users. All were prepared perfectly to attract consumers to buy the smartphone from China. You may still curious to know the advantages and disadvantages of the 6 inch screen smartphone. Therefore please refer to specifications and price information Oppo F3 Plus in the following article.

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